Faculty of Forestry


The Faculty of Forestry leads national-scale research projects funded by the NCN (National Science Centre), NCBiR (The National Centre for Research and Development) and State Forest National Forest Holding as well as the projects funded by other institutions. Moreover it is implementing other projects within the operational programs (POKL, MRPO).

The Faculty is running numerous international research projects at a high scientific level, ensured with well-equipped and certified laboratories. Faculty of Forestry is actively involved in the implementation of projects within the European Union Programmes (Framework Programmes, INTERREG and European Cooperation in Science and Technology (COST).


  • Four well equipped, modern laboratories, three rooms for working in sterile environment, collection of fungal species exhibits, collection of sample cultures for comparative studies, thermostatic cabinets, laboratory dryers, refrigerated cabinets, sterile chambers, fume cupboards, growth chambers.
  • Biotechnological laboratory of forest trees with analytic labs: biochemical (terpene and isoenzyme markers), molecular (DNA markers), and seed quality evaluation.
  • Educational Centre of the Experimental Forestry Unit in Krynica Zdrój, enclosing Field Laboratory, five plastic tents, administration building, outbuilding with refrigerated chamber for storing seedlings and seeds, with fully adjustable temperature and humidity, low-temperature boxes, JAVO system for filing the nursery containers (sowing or nursing), as well as numerous experimental plots.
  • Laboratory of Geochemistry of Forest Environment and Areas Designated for Reclamation – one of the most state-of-the-art laboratories in Poland offers a wide range of services in the scope of chemical analyses of soil, water and plants: http://wl.ur.krakow.pl/index/site/176
  • Experimental river catchments: Potok Dupniański (the Silesian Beskids) 1.68 km2, Potok Ratanica (Wieliczka-Gdów Upland) 0.88 km2, Potok Traczówka (Niepołomice Forest) 24 km2.
  • Mechanical workshop, prototype workshop. Dendroclimatic laboratory.
  • Meteorological laboratory with phyto-climatic research station in Kopciowa near Krynica, owing a database of archived meteorological measurement and observation data covering the period of more than 40 years, obtained in the phyto-climatic station.
  • Biological laboratory with collections of beetles (images), pupae and larvae of longhorn beetles (Cerambycidae), fragments of bark and wood damaged by longhorn beetles, galls caused by insects (entomocecidia), insects feeding on cones and seeds of forest trees and shrubs (images, larvae, feeding grounds), damages to fruit and seeds caused by birds.
  • Analytical laboratory of physical and mechanical properties of wood, laboratory of chemical analyses of non-wood forest products, laboratory of work environment factors.
  • Laboratory of Geomatics offers realization of environmental projects using the most advanced technologies in the field of Geomatics: GIS / CAD, digital photogrammetry, LiDAR (ALS, TLS, MLS), airborne and satellite (VHRS) remote sensing (multi and hyperspectral), GNSS, spatial databases, digital cartography, WebGIS and geodata integration.

Specialised instruments

  • Ion chromatograph for parallel analysis of inorganic anions and cations,
  • apparatus for pF determination (A+B+C+D),
  • atomic absorption spectrometer for flame and graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrometry,
  • Roentgen spectrometer for total reflection X-ray fluorescence (TXRF), laser particle size analyser,
  • high-performance liquid chromatograph (HPLC) with ultraviolet and fluorescence detector,
  • mineralisation system in open and closed pressurised vessels (A+B),
  • carbon analyser (OWO), F
  • ourier-transform near-infrared spectroscope (FT-NIR),
  • X-ray diffractometer,
  • laboratory centrifuge with cooling system + laboratory centrifuge,
  • analysing weighing scale,
  • automatic system for washing dishes with nitric acid,
  • lab water bath with cooling unit and shaking device,
  • cooled incubator,
  • environmental sample collection and evaluation set,
  • ICP OES spectrometer.

Ongoing projects

Recent grants conducted in Faculty of Forestry:

  • 12 grants in total sponsored by the National Science Centre;
  • 3 grants sponsored by the National Centre for Research and Development;
  • 10 grants sponsored by the State Forests National Forest Holding and other Companies
For full list of recent grants click here.

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