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Postgraduate programme admission criteria

The graduate programme lasts 1.5 years (3 semesters). We welcome the graduates from EU (including Polish citizens) and outside of EU, who graduated first degree programmes such as Bachelor (BA or BSc.) in forestry or similar field.

1. Candidates applying for admission into a postgraduate programme in a field that differs from their undergraduate studies must first earn at least 50% of the total number of credits available in the core and elective subjects included in the corresponding undergraduate curriculum. These candidates must submit an undergraduate diploma supplement showing all the core and elective subjects they covered during their undergraduate studies.

2. A candidate not meeting the requirement set forth in section 1 above may be asked to attend paid courses in such subjects as they need to cover in order to meet that requirement. However, this option will be only available when the number of such make-up courses is no higher than five. The fee charged for participation in the make-up courses will be equivalent to the fee charged for repeating the relevant course within a full- or part-time undergraduate programme, as published in the Rector’s Regulation valid at the time.

Study programme

FORESTRY - graduated
Semester I hours ECTS Study materials
Experimental design for the forest research 30 2
Forest plant communities 24 2
Fungi in forest environments 30 3
Forest engineering management 34 3
Protection of forest ecosystems 34 3
Wildlife conservation and management 24 2
Biometry and forest productivity 34 3
Forest resources utilization and their transportation 50 4
Insects of forest communities in Poland 30 3
Ecology of post industrial sites and ecosystem restoration 30 2 download
Mechanization in Forestry 25 2
Seminar 15 1
Total 360 30
Semester II hours ECTS
Applied forest site diagnosis 54 3
Management of forest ecosystems 50 4
Silviculture 55 4
Forest genetics and tree breeding 35 3
Management in forestry 32 3
Geomatics 24 2
Basis of forest law 15 1
Seminar 15 1
Subjects to be chosen 105 9
Total 385 30
Semester III hours ECTS
Seminar 15 1
Subjects to be chosen 150 9
Master thesis 20
Total 165 30

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