Faculty of Forestry

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Faculty of Forestry at the University of Agriculture in Krakow conducts numerous forest research programmes and provides education in forest management and forestry sciences at I, II and III study degrees as well as postgraduate studies.

The Faculty Council is authorised to grant degrees of Doctor (PhD) and Habilitated Doctor of Forest Science in the field of forestry and to submit candidates for the title of professor of forest sciences. The Faculty employs 92 members of academic staff including 16 full professors, 17 persons holding DSc. Degrees and 59 persons holding PhD. Degree.

The Faculty has an active international agreements and cooperates with numerous universities and research institutes, both Polish and foreign: Austria, Canada, Germany, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Norway, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, USA, Finland and other.

Main research areas

  • Biology and ecology of forest populations, tree ring ecology, phytosociology, floristics
  • Macro- and microelement cycling in nature.
  • effect of air pollution on mountain forests with particular regard to southern Poland; integrated forest monitoring.
  • Reclamation and forest management of post-industrial wastelands and degraded areas.
  • Improvement of tree and tree stand measuring methods.
  • Protection of mountain forests and forests under the influence of industrial emissions.
  • Studies on microclimate and climate forming factors in various forest communities in mountain areas, the effect of acid rains on forest soils and young trees.
  • Forest soil resistance to anthropogenic factors.
  • Insect pests of conifer and deciduous trees, entomofauna of national parks and nature reserves.
  • Forests tree diseases – symptomatology, etiology and conditions for exacerbation of diseases processes.
  • Assessment of main forest forming species variability in the Carpathians, biological conditions for establishing gene banks for these species.
  • Improving methods of breeding assessment, maintenance and renovation of mountain forest stands.
  • Optimal and rational utilisation of forest raw material base, improving methods of work organisation and ergonomy in forestry, modernisation of technological processes of timber and non-timber product acquisition with particular regard to mountain areas.
  • Biology and ecology of game, protected mammals and some birds.
  • Recreational function of forest and its role in the regional development.


The Faculty of Forestry originated from the Jagiellonian University of Cracow. The Unit of Forestry was formed in October 1946 as a part of the Faculty of Agriculture at the Jagiellonian University owing to the initiative and endeavours of Professor Dezydery Szymkiewicz. In 1946 also the name of the faculty was changed into the Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry composed of two separate units: Agriculture and Forestry. Finally, in September 1949 an autonomous Faculty of Forestry was founded. However in 1951 the enrolment of students was stopped by the Ministry of Higher Education and in 1954 the Faculty was finally closed down. Endeavours undertaken by a group of professors led by Professor Tadeusz Gieruszczyński resulted in the Faculty of Forestry re-opening in 1963.


Building of Faculty of Forestry is situated very close to the centre of Krakow - one of the most beautiful city in Poland and leading centre of academic, cultural, and artistic life.

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